StreetStrider – Say what??

Okay, a big part of ‘Operation Short term, Hard core’ sees me on the elliptical trainer. It feels like hours a day. Hell, sometimes it IS for hours a day!

You may have figured this out, but I get bored easily. I fidget. I crane my neck around to sticky-beak at all the other gym peeps I can see. I watch other people but mostly pretend to be watching the TV while listening to my music. It’s slightly maddening.

But what if I could be killing my hours on the elliptical while zipping around town? While popping out to the shop for some milk? But how? Look what I found today:

The StreetStrider. The indoor/OUTDOOR moving elliptical. Buff guys sold separately.

Oh yes, it’s an elliptical bike. Blows my tiny mind. I can barely ride a real bike, but I’m thinking I might actually be able to do this. Apparently you don’t even really steer it, you lean to corner. That bit sounds like it would be my undoing, but these guys make it look fairly simple:

Apparently they are coming to Australia. I totally want to play on one. I guarantee I’d fall off and probably throw a huge tantrum about it but I think up until that point I’d be having fun.

What do you think? Have any of my readers seen one of these yet?


Sailor Vee

6 thoughts on “StreetStrider – Say what??

  1. I just went out for a run/walk and was thinking, if only you could take your crosstrainer outside rather than having to run. The streetstrider looks pretty cool, however in reality I dont really think I’d like to use it. I like sitting on my bike outside and being able to observe what is going on around me and take in the scenery. Same with the walking and running. The streetstrider looks very excersisy and less leisurely. The elipticals in my gym have built in TVs. I can therefore immerse myself in a tv show and forget that I am exercising (except of course when I am doing a hill programme and get to the hard hill!).

  2. I saw this online a few weeks back & just thought I WANT! Didn’t know they were coming to Australia… my thoughts are that you should buy one first so I can see if you fall off regularly, and then make my decision 😛

    • Did you know that I only learned to ride a bike at age 25? And that I’ve ridden one maybe twice since then? Getting one of these may be my only hope of self-propelled transportation!

      • HAHAHA!
        But WHYY – they’re so brilliant! I love bikes – you get to see heaps of pretty things and go further than your legs will take you. This thing looks fun too… I’m just on a not so secret mission to make the world love cycling as much as I do

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