Today feels like the perfect gym day!

Today I am awesome. Moreso even than on other days.

Proof points of today’s awesomosity are:

  • Gym workout One – Complete the 12wbt Lean and Strong workout assigned to today. Biceps and triceps. Awesome. Really nailed good technique and the hints on pausing in the active phase of the movement REALLY maximised my results. Was totally arm shattered. Topped that workout off with moderate heart rate cardio for a total calorie burn of – 960 calories!
  • Great clean eating during the day. Good proteins, eating regularly and all on track.
  • Good water consumption (mainly due to my love of the Water Your Body app – get it now!)
  • Back to the gym for Workout Two – an evening session of more moderate heart rate cardio. An easy hour at about 130 bpm split between the treadmill, recumbent bike and elliptical for another 560 cals.
  • Great dinner with my family.
  • About to treat myself with a protein shake with cacao powder and a tablespoon of peanut butter. De-lish.

And there folks, are the dot points on why I had an awesome day.

Did you wonder why I’m doing so much cardio but all at only a moderate intensity? It’s because I’d never seen this chart before Mega-Trainer explained it to me. So my hours of thrashing myself at super high heart-rates has been great for my fitness levels and cardiac health, to burn off the last of these kilos I need to step it back a notch. There you go!




Sailor Vee


7 thoughts on “Today feels like the perfect gym day!

  1. Sounds great! But what is your trainer’s definition of a moderate heart rate?

    During my exercise physiology days at uni we were taught that these ‘zones’ are based on percentages. So during the ‘fat burning’ zone in your chart, you are predominantly burning fat (but less calories overall). Working out at the ‘target heart rate’ zone burns less fat as a percentage, but actually burns more fat overall. The duration of the workout can have an impact too.

    • Hi Dani I have to admit I’m being lead here so just doing what I’m told. I stay at 130bpm which according to this chart puts me actually on the lower end of the target zone. Somewhat more helpful for fat burning than the 170-180 I had been thrashing myself at! Cheers!

  2. Wouldn’t interval training be better for you than the steady 130bpm?
    I always understood that the spike and drop os better for your burn.

    Well done by the way, keep up the awesome work.

    • Hi Karen. I do some interval work still and I think it would be great, IF I could get my average heart rate to end in the right sort of zone. It always tends to be a bit high. I’m also on injury watch as I’m doing quite a lot of heavy weights work and really want to get through scott-free this round.
      I’ve essentially handed the reins to Mega-Trainer for the next few weeks and this is what he’s said, so that’s how it goes!
      But let me tell you, first gym session back after finale I’ll be into my intervals and higher heart rate training! I miss it!

  3. My HRM always wants me to be in that moderate zone, trouble is I’m generally higher doing not much because those fitness levels still suck. Cycling is good – and walking. being outside in pretty places – any crossfit,weights, interval, circuit activities & my HRM doesn’t like me.
    I am LOVING all of your updates woman – you are ON FIRE!!

    • That heart rate zone is my body’s happy place now! I still want to go faster, and see my heart rate explode a bit more but the results are there so will follow the Mega Trainer through to the end of this round like I promised. I still sneak a bit of interval running in there when he’s not at the gym though! 🙂

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