Another man in my life…

My life is full of men. The Captain, kid#1 and kid#2 are the ones it revolves around.

Today, I met another man who is pretty much in charge of everything I do in the next 5 weeks.

Corey is my personal trainer. A proper, fully buff personal trainer.

I’ve never had a trainer before. Other than group class leaders and of course my info from Michelle Bridges on the 12wbt, the only person involved in my health and fitness pursuits was me.

I met with Corey today to make a plan. We had the getting to know you chat and I saw his eyes widen at the idea of me nearly 35kg heavier. “That would’ve been … big”

I told him I would ask the impossible. 5 weeks from today I’ll be in Sydney with my friends celebrating the end of round three of the 12wbt. I’ll be doing a group work-out with THOUSANDS of other people. I’ll be going to an amazing party, wearing a fitted slinky evening dress for the first time since my last school formal (and this dress is in a smaller size too!)

So many of my goals have been met by my own hard work. But a few are missing.

Corey’s mission is to strip off the last of the kilos off me. To get me the muscle definition I desperately want. My part of the deal is to understand that I haven’t given him enough time. To commit to his workout schedule 10000% and to make my diet cleaner than I could ever have imagined.

It’s going to be hard. But I’m ready. And I’m excited to show you the results at the end of it.

Let the brutal games begin!
Sailor Vee

6 thoughts on “Another man in my life…

  1. What a plan, well done and good for you. Cant wait for your updates as Im sure you are going to feel every bid of this part of your journey.
    I have just worked out that I’m only 2 kg away from my goal but feel I can clean up my nutrition a bit more but I just love dairy food and would have a yogurt ove a steak anyday.r

    Fingers crossed for you 🙂

  2. Good luck! I found that I never realized how much I needed a trainer until I had one – take full advantage and learn as much as you can from him. And be prepared to WORK HARD (it’s worth it)!

  3. “A proper, fully buff personal trainer.” HAHAHA! I just love everything you write Bella.
    Super scary & awesome stuff this PT business. I hope the lack of coffee’s going ok for you! xx

    • I’ve given in. I’m allowed black coffee but after an incident where I MAY have had 5 black coffees in a row then got on the elliptical trainer and nearly died – I’m down to 2 a day. It’s weird for me and I miss it terribly. I’ll be the first thing to be re-introduced to my diet after Operation Short Term Hard Core concludes

      • I did the same thing. PT man said black coffee was ok… but now it’s black coffee with a dash & PT man’s just happy I’m still off the rice/bread/pasta & MOSTLY off the dairy. I had a latte today and my guts feel weird. But long black’s are like no calories – danger will robinson!! 5 a day is mad, woman!

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