Hello Internet Troll

I received your comment on my blog yesterday.

Firstly, thanks for taking a second to put your thoughts about my appearance in writing. I can see from your spelling and lack of proper punctuation that it doesn’t come easily to you. It’s strange that you also forgot to leave your name and used a random generic email address. I would love to have taken this up with you personally.

Secondly, I’m going to need to address some issues here.

I am not fat. You however, are most probably a complete a-hole.

Perhaps I am being unfair to you. Perhaps English is your second or a further subsequent language? In that case, apologies given and please let me clarify.

I am not fat. I have fat.

I am not eyes. I have eyes.

Spot the small but vital difference there? I’m glad I could clear that up for you.

If (in spite of the written evidence) you do have a working grasp on our shared language, let me elaborate.

I do have body fat. I’m completely okay with that. Every human does. It has a scientific purpose on a young, healthy woman like myself. I do have more of it than my personal preference stretches to – so I exercise to reduce this amount of body fat. But even as I am right this second – I do not have an unacceptable level of body fat.

I am not overweight. I am not obese. I am categorically and scientifically a healthy weight for my height.

If you’d read more of this blog, you might have realised that I’ve become pretty damn good at standing up to bullies. That I’ve learned that people who push and denigrate can’t and don’t define or affect my self-worth.

Perhaps you should check out this clip in case the next person you troll is not as prepared as I am to educate you in the many ways you are being a douche:

So let us be clear.

I am not fat.

And yes, I can write whatever I want.

Sod off,

Sailor Vee

27 thoughts on “Hello Internet Troll

  1. SailorV you are a great writer, love your response to this troll. Xxx and you are definately not FAT,but you did Fight Against Trolls. Much love.

  2. Unbelievable that some lowlife would make a comment like that. Excellent response & good on you for standing up to that bully! I absolutely love that clip too! x

  3. That’s awesome! I correct people all the time in relation to the kids in my care – he’s not a Down syndrome / CP / insert diagnosis of choice here kid, he HAS whatever it is. I never ever thought of applying it to myself!

    Love your work. xxx (note correct usage of “your”).

  4. you are freaking amazing!! This I the best possible response to a very unintelligent post that hardly deserved acknowledgement. Still I’m glad you did because you said something they need to hear, and I her to hear, in a way that is captivating, witty and hilarious. I’m with Cathy – “I’m not fat, I have fat” – most excellent sentence ever constructed. Thank you!

  5. Sailor Vee, I must congratulate you on your response.. Well written, and to the point.
    However, IF you had excess body fat, what bloody business is it of a complete stranger to leave such a rude ( and poorly written) message anyway? It’s a bit like telling a deaf person they can’t hear. I have zero tolerance for smart a***’s.

  6. You go girl…SOD OFF TROLL A great response from you, to the point, clear and spelt correctly! LOL You go for it….success is the best revenge 🙂

  7. God what a total tosser! Ignore idiots like that as you are doing the right thing and I personally love your blog so keep it up!

  8. Well done! I myself got a hater on my blog about 2 months ago and it scared me so I just deleted it . After reading your post u wish I hadn’t of! You are really brave. 🙂 I will quote ” I have fat ” till the day I die! I love it!
    Rach x

  9. I saw your post on the 12WBT blog and had to read how you had responded – YOU GO GIRL!!! I think you look so amazing in your 12wbt profile photos – you are an inspiration to everyone out there trying to lose weight! And I love love love the ‘I have fat’ – so going to use that! (hope you don’t mine :)).

  10. Ah trolls…can’t escape them. Makes me think of some sad sorrowful person unhappy with themselves and the world, wanting to bring others down to where they are. I enjoyed your response! Good on you for giving it back. And yes, we all have fat. We probably couldn’t live without it!

  11. Ah, Sailor Vee – what a lovely, well thought through and properly spelled and punctuated response. While I generally think people like that do not deserve the effort taken to respond, in this case I trust your efforts to educate this troll fall on responsive ears. More power to ya…

  12. I am so proud of you for, not only standing up for yourself, but standing up for the world against bullies.
    This ‘internet troll’ as you have named, obviously has nothing better to do with their time, and is probably JEALOUS of your amazing achievement. I must admit I’m a bit jealous (hehe), but that does not mean that I am happy for your fantastic success.
    p.s just to clarify; you’re not fat!

  13. Power to you girl!!!! Some idiots have nothing better to do with their time then piss other people off. You are inspiring and a great role model for those who get such stupid comments on a personal blog. I think you look amazing(and are AMAZING) and should be VERY proud of all your achievements. That troll needs to grow a brain and go back under their bridge.

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