No-one calls me skinny.

Just checking in peeps. I’m on the home stretch for this round of the 12wbt and loving every moment of it.

I’m kicking ass in the gym and feeling great.

Operation Short-Term, Hardcore continues. This is what it looks like at the moment:

See the slightly massive grin on my face? It’s because I’m happy.

Being a fit-as bitch makes me happy. And yes, I freely admit that my training today (1500 cals today!!) is not indicative of my forever plans. But moving everyday definitely is.

I’m the girl that loves feeling the aching muscles the next day, that enjoys making up games in my head to ‘beat’ the treadmill, I just love having a body that works.

I ran into friends in the supermarket yesterday that hadn’t seen me since I was pregnant with kid#2. They physically grabbed my shoulders and practically bubbled they were so overcome with how different I’m looking. Do you know what I loved most? The words they used.

Fit. Strong. Healthy.

No-one calls me skinny. No-one uses the word thin. And that delights me.

The old sad girl that yearned for thinness while silencing the fear of not achieving it with food is gone. I barely remember her now.

I’m a healthy, fit, strong woman. And I’m getting healthier, fitter and stronger everyday.


Sailor Vee

When the Weight is Lifted…

I adore my life. Now.

In the strangest turn of events I somehow lost everything that was dragging me down in one fell swoop this year. The 35 kilos was literally dragging me down. Corey made me hold 2 x 20kg plates in the gym this week and I really wanted to cry at the impossibility that I could ever have been so heavy. At the time though, being that weight was just my reality.

But it’s not just the physical weight. Sometimes because I am SO focused on my goals for the remainder of this challenge, I forget about the ‘other stuff’.

Minor stuff, like the fact I was pushed into selling my shares and leaving my company and feeling a bit lost without it. But again, it’s only now that it’s gone that I realise the enormous weight and pressure I was under.

Being in a working relationship that’s unhealthy isn’t actually much different at all to being in a bad personal relationship. You try to make things okay. You try to please. You live in fear of causing anger or annoyance. You think that it’s just a bad patch you need to get through.

It isn’t. It’s toxic and that fear and doubt pervades every aspect of your life. That was also my reality.

In that way the take-over was very much like a divorce. It was a whirlwind of dealing with the betrayal and ruthlessness by people that you loved, but also that ‘call to arms’ to stand up for what was correct and to protect what I deserved. In the middle of that particular hurricane, the emotional weight was almost unbearable at times. But I did it. And it’s done.

So now I’ve done the job of mentally racking the emotional weights and letting them go.

I’m infinitely lighter. And free.

The weights that I carry from here forward are all of my own choosing.

I saw this today and it speaks so loudly to me and where I am in my own mind:


Sailor Vee

StreetStrider – Say what??

Okay, a big part of ‘Operation Short term, Hard core’ sees me on the elliptical trainer. It feels like hours a day. Hell, sometimes it IS for hours a day!

You may have figured this out, but I get bored easily. I fidget. I crane my neck around to sticky-beak at all the other gym peeps I can see. I watch other people but mostly pretend to be watching the TV while listening to my music. It’s slightly maddening.

But what if I could be killing my hours on the elliptical while zipping around town? While popping out to the shop for some milk? But how? Look what I found today:

The StreetStrider. The indoor/OUTDOOR moving elliptical. Buff guys sold separately.

Oh yes, it’s an elliptical bike. Blows my tiny mind. I can barely ride a real bike, but I’m thinking I might actually be able to do this. Apparently you don’t even really steer it, you lean to corner. That bit sounds like it would be my undoing, but these guys make it look fairly simple:

Apparently they are coming to Australia. I totally want to play on one. I guarantee I’d fall off and probably throw a huge tantrum about it but I think up until that point I’d be having fun.

What do you think? Have any of my readers seen one of these yet?


Sailor Vee

Water – as told by the Water Goddess!

One of the lovely ladies I am lucky enough to call my friends has achieved (and still is achieving!) AMAZING things on this program.

Tonnes of weight loss in the last 12 months, placed in the Top 20 for Transformation in one of her rounds and overall, just a phenomenal team member and person.

Her name is Leanne, better known as I Will Rock This on the 12wbt forums, twitter ( and instagram .

Leanne – She’s kind of amazeballs.

But what does that have to do with water? I hate drinking water. I truly do. If I drink more than 500mls at a time I feel like I’m going to vomit. I whinge about it. I have reminders that go off on my phone and an app to make me drink enough each day. But I do TRULY know how awesome it is – do you?

See the below kick-ass post from Leanne about water and why it’s where it’s at for weight loss!

I’ve just been reading Men’s Fitness magazine and there is an article in there about water. I know I bang on about how important it is to drink water quite a bit, but this article has some really good points, so I am going to summarise it here for you guys.

Water is a great fat loss tool, with the fatty acids in your fat cells more readily available to be broken down if youre consuming enough water. For those who exercise, water is important in fighting muscle breakdown. Dehydration is very damaging to the body. When dehydrated, the body releases higher amounts of the stress hormone cortisol, which SLOWS the metabolism and tells the body to store fat while eating away at muscle.

Also, when you are dehydrated, your body’s normal functions do not function as efficiently – especially things like the good old number 2’s. Some people can have up to 10 kilos of waste sitting in their colon (I am not kidding). Without enough water in the body, the waste disposal system becomes sluggish, and things “back up” so to speak. Drink enough water, and you not only get rid of excess fluid that you might be retaining, but your waste disposal system begins to function effectively and not only will the results show on the scales, but I guarantee you will have more energy and feel so much better without all that waste sitting in your body.

The rule of 8 glasses (2 litres) doesnt take into account diet, activity level and environment, meaning that many of us going by this rule are often dehydrated. Coffee and tea are diuretics, which means they cause us to lose fluid without us absorbing the nutrients we need from it. In our climate, water consumption should be higher. If you think you are safe from fluid loss while working in an office, think again – air conditioned/heated areas promote dehydration due to the dryness of the air. This causes the skin to lose moisture that needs to be replaced, therefore lowering fluid levels.

Drinking the large amounts of water that I do I am convinced was part of the reason that I have had so much success doing the 12wbt. Because I was always properly hydrated, gave my body the nutrition it needed by eating properly, it was able to work away at building muscle and burning away those years of fat.

I can’t stress the importance of water enough, girls, so drink up!!!

There you have it peeps, advice from one of my gurus. So lets raise a glass (of water) or 12 to Leanne!


Sailor Vee

Oooh, party time!

One of my favourite parts about the 12wbt is the end of it! Just kidding, what I really mean is the finale party. It’s a great opportunity for me to take a mini break away from the kids (and often The Captain as he’s never free to travel) to hang out with my friends, get dressed up and have a blast.

So, invites have been sent out and the theme this round is “A Midsummer’s Milestone”. I’ve designed and am wearing this:


It’s a blush pink, chiffon, a bit of lace, some beading and so pretty. It’s also clingy through the hips, tummy and butt and I feel awesome and proud whenever I put it on.

All I need now is shoes. I’ve been to a party in this location before and partying on the concrete floor KILLED me. Admittedly I was about 20 kilos heavier than I am now, but it was bad. So I’ve decided I want wedge heels as they’ll be hidden under the dress.

I’d love a bit of whimsy like these:

Oh yes, the heel-less wedge!

So excited. Can’t wait for my fashion, fun and friends in Sydney this year for the 12wbt finale!


Sailor Vee

Today feels like the perfect gym day!

Today I am awesome. Moreso even than on other days.

Proof points of today’s awesomosity are:

  • Gym workout One – Complete the 12wbt Lean and Strong workout assigned to today. Biceps and triceps. Awesome. Really nailed good technique and the hints on pausing in the active phase of the movement REALLY maximised my results. Was totally arm shattered. Topped that workout off with moderate heart rate cardio for a total calorie burn of – 960 calories!
  • Great clean eating during the day. Good proteins, eating regularly and all on track.
  • Good water consumption (mainly due to my love of the Water Your Body app – get it now!)
  • Back to the gym for Workout Two – an evening session of more moderate heart rate cardio. An easy hour at about 130 bpm split between the treadmill, recumbent bike and elliptical for another 560 cals.
  • Great dinner with my family.
  • About to treat myself with a protein shake with cacao powder and a tablespoon of peanut butter. De-lish.

And there folks, are the dot points on why I had an awesome day.

Did you wonder why I’m doing so much cardio but all at only a moderate intensity? It’s because I’d never seen this chart before Mega-Trainer explained it to me. So my hours of thrashing myself at super high heart-rates has been great for my fitness levels and cardiac health, to burn off the last of these kilos I need to step it back a notch. There you go!




Sailor Vee


Operation “Short term, Hardcore” has begun.

So it’s on.

By the time I fly out to Sydney, I want to be as fit as I can be, as lean as I can be and know that I’ve worked super hard for all of it.

My first session yesterday morning with Corey (who may be henceforth referred to as Mega Trainer) was ….. GREAT. You know it’s going to be a good session when after the very first set of exercises you feel more muscle burn than you have all week. And when you cry (not a lot, just a bit of wimpering).

Corey is fairly unrelenting, but without any of the yelling or scariness that I imagined having a personal trainer would be like. Unrelenting in the workout style too. None of the awesome switching between exercise sets or alternating upper and lower body that I’m used to. Really, we just smashed my legs for an hour.

And burned (wait for it) 704 calories in the hour. Holy snapping duck poop.

And then I did cardio.

And then I came back to the gym that night and did more cardio.

I expected to be leg-dead today but I think the cardio flushing the lactic acid out, the bucketload of magnesium I took, the high protein diet and the water have all contributed to me being only partially leg-dead. The good dead, where it hurts, but I can still walk.

Today I was left unsupervised by Mega Trainer and the day’s workouts included a long cardio session with core work (I wish I was more dedicated at this!) and then a night time cardio session too.

And the food – everyone wants to know what the food looks like. Well, like this:

Tasmanian Salmon portion, brown rice with spinach, garlic and snow peas

The body builder diet isn’t half bad!

Tomorrow bright and early is another session with the Mega Trainer. I live in fear (justified) of him telling me we are doing arms tomorrow.

But I know he will. Stand by for the tears.

Sailor Vee


Another man in my life…

My life is full of men. The Captain, kid#1 and kid#2 are the ones it revolves around.

Today, I met another man who is pretty much in charge of everything I do in the next 5 weeks.

Corey is my personal trainer. A proper, fully buff personal trainer.

I’ve never had a trainer before. Other than group class leaders and of course my info from Michelle Bridges on the 12wbt, the only person involved in my health and fitness pursuits was me.

I met with Corey today to make a plan. We had the getting to know you chat and I saw his eyes widen at the idea of me nearly 35kg heavier. “That would’ve been … big”

I told him I would ask the impossible. 5 weeks from today I’ll be in Sydney with my friends celebrating the end of round three of the 12wbt. I’ll be doing a group work-out with THOUSANDS of other people. I’ll be going to an amazing party, wearing a fitted slinky evening dress for the first time since my last school formal (and this dress is in a smaller size too!)

So many of my goals have been met by my own hard work. But a few are missing.

Corey’s mission is to strip off the last of the kilos off me. To get me the muscle definition I desperately want. My part of the deal is to understand that I haven’t given him enough time. To commit to his workout schedule 10000% and to make my diet cleaner than I could ever have imagined.

It’s going to be hard. But I’m ready. And I’m excited to show you the results at the end of it.

Let the brutal games begin!
Sailor Vee

Could I be the inspiration?

Being inspired is easy. See it, like it, want it. Want to own it, want to be it. It’s our inner toddler. Simple.

Being inspiring? It’s much weirder.

I was speaking to a friend this week who KNOWS that she inspires me. Hell, she inspires a whole lot of people. I secretly thought it might be quite nice to be an inspiration. To have people hold up the idea of you and what you achieve/have/are as something they want for themselves.

When I think about it more – I wonder if it would be cool though. There is something weird in modern human nature where we see big success, but remove ourselves from the possibility of achieving it.

I remember being at my heaviest, looking at the massive weight loss stories in the magazines and each time, there was something in my head that made me think that it must have been easier for them than it could be for me. Sometimes I clung to the obscure differences (she doesn’t have kids to take up all of her time etc) but other times I didn’t even voice it in my head. I just flipped the page while subconsciously pushing a door in my mind closed a little tighter. As though what that person had achieved wasn’t real. Because I didn’t feel that I could do the work to achieve it, I was sure that they couldn’t have done it either.

I was actually de-motivating myself by other people’s success.

As I continue to achieve what I want, both by losing the weight and also branching out and becoming braver as a person, I keep meeting inspiring people. Sometimes they’ve been told a lot that they are inspiring. Sometimes they have no idea.

Sadly, sometimes these beautiful people have been told by people (like the sad, scared ‘old me’) that they are intimidating for posting the workouts they do, or the challenges they take on or by showing the massive changes they’ve made to their lives. People suggest that there must have been some secret that made it easy for these people who have succeeded. And silently, that suggests it isn’t fair. As if these inspirational people somehow diminish other people’s efforts by being their awesome selves and achieving more.

I’ve decided I quite like not being the inspiration. I like being the narrator. My journey is my journey and I’ve worked hard at each slow step of it. I’ll tell you all about it. If you are ready to really hear.

Anchors Away,

Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity

Don’t judge or make assumptions on other people’s journeys. Put your hands on the wheel and start your own. xx

Sailor Vee

Hello Internet Troll

I received your comment on my blog yesterday.

Firstly, thanks for taking a second to put your thoughts about my appearance in writing. I can see from your spelling and lack of proper punctuation that it doesn’t come easily to you. It’s strange that you also forgot to leave your name and used a random generic email address. I would love to have taken this up with you personally.

Secondly, I’m going to need to address some issues here.

I am not fat. You however, are most probably a complete a-hole.

Perhaps I am being unfair to you. Perhaps English is your second or a further subsequent language? In that case, apologies given and please let me clarify.

I am not fat. I have fat.

I am not eyes. I have eyes.

Spot the small but vital difference there? I’m glad I could clear that up for you.

If (in spite of the written evidence) you do have a working grasp on our shared language, let me elaborate.

I do have body fat. I’m completely okay with that. Every human does. It has a scientific purpose on a young, healthy woman like myself. I do have more of it than my personal preference stretches to – so I exercise to reduce this amount of body fat. But even as I am right this second – I do not have an unacceptable level of body fat.

I am not overweight. I am not obese. I am categorically and scientifically a healthy weight for my height.

If you’d read more of this blog, you might have realised that I’ve become pretty damn good at standing up to bullies. That I’ve learned that people who push and denigrate can’t and don’t define or affect my self-worth.

Perhaps you should check out this clip in case the next person you troll is not as prepared as I am to educate you in the many ways you are being a douche:

So let us be clear.

I am not fat.

And yes, I can write whatever I want.

Sod off,

Sailor Vee