What’s on the horizon?

On one of my recent weekends away. I found myself drawn to endlessly staring at this horizon.

beach horizon Tasmania

Sister’s Beach, Tasmania

Seriously, why wouldn’t you? Even more amazing than my photography skillz (yes, when I’m being sarcastic, skills end with a z) this view is actually completely dead-on to the horizon meaning a 180 degree view of the sea.

What kept striking me about the view is that even though I KNOW that the ocean and the world continues beyond that clear flat line where the water meets the sky – it doesn’t look or feel that way. It’s like staring at the very edge of the world, not knowing what could be on the other side.

Insert mental lightbulb metaphor moment. 

This year has been like that. Sailing into the horizon. Except this time there is no ‘but I made it out on the other side’. I’m still pretty much adrift. Like Tom Hanks in Castaway, but without the terrible hair extensions and scary basketball BFF.

I’d love to know what’s beyond the horizon for me. Whether it’s a new business or a new job or finding a way to not work again but be an AWESOME parent and wife. 

Until then I keep paddling forward. I’ve learned to embrace the fear of the unknown and move toward it anyway.

Adieu for now,

Sailor Vee

You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water. 
Rabindranath Tagore 

2 thoughts on “What’s on the horizon?

  1. Hi Sailor Vee,
    I’ll probably never make the cupcakes but I’m in awe of your journey! I was off work for two years and found in that time the sea can turn into Tsunamis with the highs and lows of chasing and missing opportunities (like the big one that gets away!). Fortunately I’m an optimist as you seem to be too so the rough passes pretty quickly. Two years on I’ve bagged two amazing opportunities and now I have to pick one. I’m sorry to read that your business is n more, and glad that your family is so important 🙂 Enjoy your time now and the future will look after itself…………with your great attitude you’ll achieve everything you want!!
    Margaret Langford (PinkChick on the forums)

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