I think I need to switch!

I’ve been happily working on my muscles for 5 weeks. I’m still pretty pudgy.

I try really hard not to be mean to myself. I do. But this body fat is getting me down. I decided to do lean and strong (the body-shaping aspect of 12wbt) this round because I was quite close to my goal. Not there but close.

Then I realised I wasn’t being ambitious enough with my goal weight and dropped it by another 5kg. The goal. Not the actual weight. Still working on dropping the damn weight.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do LOVE the weights and toning I’m doing. But I have to acknowledge I’m too far from goal with a body fat percentage that is too high to be able to see the results of my work. I know that I would get there as the weight is still coming off, just not anywhere near as fast as I want it to.

A friend said to me that she views Lean and Strong as purely decorative, for when you’ve got the body to the weight you want it, but still want to fine tune it’s shape. I tend to agree.

So today I’m hitting the gym with a Lean and FIT workout to try. Essentially I’m just going to smash myself with cardio for a change.

I’ll let you know how I go 🙂 Vomit stories are a high possibility. Sorry.

Sailor Vee

5 thoughts on “I think I need to switch!

  1. I also only have 3.7kg to go to get to goal and I just had the same realisation and after doing L & S for two weeks didnt see any change. So back to L & F that I really liked till I had my fall during a walk out on the road.
    Already did my Elliptical this morning 321 cals gone, going to have breaky then its back to work with Mish’s DVD.
    I’m sure you will kill it and look forward to hearing of you weight loss in future Blogs


  2. Ahoy!

    I have been thinking the same thing!
    Do I need to lose more fat? Or Am I being to hard on myself?
    I have gained two kilos in the last month and I admit one week I didn’t watch what I ate. Have I gained muscle? Have I not been committed enough?
    I have also been sick for the last week and only worked out once so I will be looking forward to the weigh in tomorrow.
    So many questions and no answers 😦 I think I may stick to lean and strong and save the lean and fit workouts incase I need them for after the round.
    X runninggurl x

  3. Hello, I saw your post on the Lean and Strong forum and I wanted to ask how different the Lean and Fit is to the Lean and Strong. I had a look and if I choose to stay on the gym machines and swap over to lean and fit there is still a lot of weight stuff on the toning days that are all so similar to Lean and Strong. I’m not really sure what my goal weight is yet – I’m 166cms and last weighed in at 58.5kg. That may not sound heavy but I am very small up the top and I still have a big/flabby butt. That is definitely where the last bit of weight is hanging around and after nearly 5 weeks on Lean and Strong I can see more sculpting in my top half but very little difference to my legs/butt. I too am now thinking of swapping to Lean and Fit to see if I can shift this last bit of weight. I also miss my cardio!! Just wondering how it’s going for you? I’ve only lost 3kg in 5 weeks and am really struggling to lose any more on L&S.

    • Hi Catherine

      I’m actually really surprised at how similar they are too (I use the machines too)
      I’m finding the specified weights are a little light for me after 5 weeks of L&S but just up them until they are challenging enough. I think the major difference is the extra cardio.
      I miss my L&S though and have glancing moments (usually when I catch a glimpse of a baby muscle moving!) of switching back. But the ‘numbers’ to me of being at goal are important. I seriously think that if I gave L&S the full 12 weeks I’d be happy with how my body looks, but because the numbers wouldn’t go down far enough for me I’d be annoyed with myself. If you goals are more sensible (based on how you look rather than an arbitrary number!) I think you’ll do great staying in L&S! Phew, sorry for the essay but always feel free to ask me anything 🙂

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