I lost 300 freaking grams?

I’m stoked.

We all know that I haven’t been super well behaved this week. Food was a little off, training was a little off. But I’m down 300 grams. Making it 4.9kg since the start of this round. Making is 31.6kg in total. Happy with that.

I often like to visualise where the weight came off. Did I lose a chunk of my butt, or some elbow flab or maybe some chipmunk cheek fat? Other times I like to get a visual sense of what 300 grams (10.5 ounces) looks like in the real world.

It looks like:

This guy. Ivory Ball Python. 300 grams. I can totally see that I’m better off without with on my body.

Clag. I used to love this stuff. I can totally imagine that 300 grams less pudgy claggy tummy fat would fill one of these cute little tubs.

This little guy. Actually, I might save this one in case I ever put ON 300 grams and I can pretend I have something this cute instead.


So happy me. Food is on track this week, training is on track this week. All is right in my tiny world.

Peace Out

Sailor Vee

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