What was I supposed to do this morning?? D’OH!!

Oh that’s right, weigh in!

Silly old me rolled out of bed after a rubbish night with kid#2 and zombie strolled straight into the kitchen. Had my wake up glass of water. Made and drank a coffee. Made and ate my omelette, fiddled with my new eyelash extensions (did you know you can get bed-eyelashes?!)…

Feels like this.

then I realised it was Wednesday. Weigh in day. And I’d already filled my little round tummy with food and a tasty beverage. Given the last few days on the farm I can’t really afford to be carrying extra on the scales.

I jumped on the scales anyway. 100gram gain from last week. How much do you think an omelette, mug of coffee and a big glass of water weighs anyway? 🙂

I’ve made an executive decision – I’ll weigh in tomorrow morning.

Silly old me.

Sailor Vee

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