The fittest hypochondriac in town!

Everyone relax! I’m not dying. Right now.

I was chilling out on my Sunday here at the farm when I rubbed my lower leg only to be freaked out by a large hard lump in the back of my leg, under my knee.

My first thought was some sort of sub-muscular tumour. Getting that checked out was going to involve a very long needle. I thought about posting on the very helpful Lean and Strong forum asking if others had encountered similar lumpiness. I thought about what would happen if I couldn’t exercise my legs any more for the rest of the round. How much could I achieve with my nutrition alone?

In panic I checked if I’d lost any movement in my foot. I flexed my foot back and forth.

The lump appears to be my calf muscle.

Calf Stretch – This is what it looks like on a farm.


Call off the National Guard. I’m going to be be okay.


Sailor Vee

5 thoughts on “The fittest hypochondriac in town!

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