Road trip Anxiety!

So excited. Heading to the much beloved family farm for a few days to relax and hold a trunk show for my designs (scary!!)

I adore the farm. Without a pixel of exaggeration, it looks like this (at different times of year):

The problem is the food is not as clean as the air. My parents, well-meaning as they are – eat some super crappy foods. A pantry full of biscuits, a freezer full of pre-packaged meals and delicious but ENORMOUS, GIGANTIC, RIDICULOUS serves of everything else.

So what’s the plan Stan?

I’m taking a lot of foods for myself and both kid#1 and kid#2, I find it’s too easy to get caught out nibbling on their snacks. If I have my own, that’s what I can eat.

Breakfasts are pretty easy. On the farm, I have time to make myself eggs on toast and I can make these myself so I know they aren’t floating in oil or scrambled with cream (oh, you think I’m kidding?) Wholegrain breads are a staple there so that’s easy for the kidlets too.

I think it’s nice to make a help-yourself sandwich/wrap buffet arrangement when I’m there. It’s sort of like I’m making lunch for everyone but my Da can still have a slice of cheese the width of a door with sliced meat, my Ma can have peanut butter and honey (oh yes) and the kidlets and I can have sandwiches that remotely resemble a balanced meal.

For the evening meals, I am always STARVING when I’m there. Whether it’s because I get up at the crack of dawn (I sleep with the windows and curtains open because I love hearing the day start on the farm), because I get out in the fresh air or just that I’m hopped up on the endless cups of coffee my family drinks – who knows.

This time I’ve printed out the biggest serving, family-style meals I can find from the 12wbt index. This means the lasagnes, the pasta dishes, a couple of the stir fries etc. Then I allow for the fact I’ll need to serve them with lashes of sides like rice etc to feed the hungry mob. But I can eat it. And no-one raises an eyebrow, because it’s delicious.

I also look like the best and most domesticated child EVER for cooking for everyone. Suck it little bro!

I’ll post on the flip-side. Have an AMAZING weekend. I’ll be in my happy place if you need me 🙂


Sailor Vee


6 thoughts on “Road trip Anxiety!

  1. I love a woman with a plan! Enjoy your trip to the farm!

    (BTW, I see your peanut-butter-and-honey eating mother and raise you a promite-and-mashed-banana eating mother. There may also have been spreadable meat paste as well )

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