I want to win the 12WBT….


Tonight the finale of Round Three 2012 was held in Perth and the winners were announced as follows:


LEAN & STRONG WINNER – Jaron de Prada
QUIET ACHIEVER – Anthony Stanczak


I want to be a winner. But how on earth do you win the 12wbt?
According the website, it’s like this:

There are several different criteria that Michelle looks at in order to pick an overall winner of the 12WBT. They are overall weight loss, weight loss percentage, body measurements, before and after photo, overall community participation and interaction with other members. There are 10-20 finalists chosen based on these figures. We also have other awards that are given out such as the Quiet Achiever award (for someone with remarkable results but not so active in our community), blogger award, lean and strong top three, and our inspirational role model (someone who has achieved great success but has assisted others and is a great role model).

In my experience, the people who have taken out first prize have not only gone to extreme lengths with their nutrition and exercise to achieve great losses (to be commended) but also ‘pressed the flesh’ to similar extremes including posting so prolifically in the 12wbt forums that it’s hard to imagine one person having the time to post so regularly. Frankly, I have too much of a life!

Other categories I totally get. There are some AMAZING bloggers who cover their transformation and are a delight to read and I’m glad they get rewarded. The transformations of the Lean and Strong categories I feel are also a little less open to bias as they can be assessed on the person’s newly gained musculature much like a body building competition, though I think there is still a bit of forum campaigning required here. 🙂

Inspirational is a tricky one too. In my experience the panel have almost always got this one right, but it’s got to be tough to award! There are SO MANY amazing people in the program that choosing one sounds impossible.

According to the website blurb, I can’t see that I could even make myself eligible to win if I desperately tried. I am relatively close to goal, so therefore have a smaller percentage of my weight available to lose and less centimetres to take off my body. I’m hoping to see a dramatic improvement in my before/after photo comparison and while I love hanging out with my 12wbt friends and meeting new people I’m not sure I’ll ever be considered prolific in the 12wbt community. So I’m essentially out for total transformation.

I have this blog obviously, but not sure if it’s exactly what the judges are looking for (and as it’s not for that purpose I have no plan to stop writing the way I do!)

While I am doing Lean and Strong, let me tell you right now – I am not in the league of these amazingly fit sculpted men and women, nor will I probably ever be. These people are gods and goddesses!

Inspirational? No. Unless people are encouraged by my constant small failings and whinging about it – probably not.

Quiet Achiever. lol. Just lol. Not so good with the quiet.

So where does that leave me? Without a shiny trophy.

I thought I wanted something to wear around my neck so that others could see at a glance that I KILLED THIS CHALLENGE. That I took control and I won.

Then I realised I already have it. I am my trophy. I am my own accolade and token of success. I’ve already won here.

The only thing missing from my awards ceremony is acceptance.


Sailor Vee

6 thoughts on “I want to win the 12WBT….

  1. Youve already won in my eyes in so many ways. You have totally transformed your body, you are a wonderful mother, wife, and a girl I am extremely proud to call a friend. Xxxxxxcc

  2. I actually think you just said/wrote what most of us feel anyway,
    You have come a long way and and have pictures to prove that, we are behind you 100% even if you don’t get a shiny thing to hang around your neck, here is hoping you get one this round.


  3. Hi SailorVee,
    when nominating a blog I saw members were constantly nominating you so thought I would check out your blog. So far i love what i read.
    I know one of the winners above – and take my hat off to them for their commitment and drive to succeed. I appreciate those who want a trophy but me I just want to get my life back. I want to be fit an healthy with my crazy eating habits under control. When I achieve that I’ll buy myself a trophy!!!!
    Good luck with your blog – I’ll continue to read it…
    Jules 73

    • Thanks Jules. I completely get what you mean. I’m competitive by nature and while it had never occurred to me in earlier rounds, at the end of round 2 I wondered if I did want to win. But honestly, I’ve won more personally in this last 12 months than anything I’d get on that stage. I know a lot of the previous winners of various categories as well and they’ve all been marvellous people too! Thanks for reading xx

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