The inspiration changes…

One of the regular ‘tasks’ on the 12wbt is making an inspiration board to show your drive. It’s supposed to help focus you but admittedly, I’ve usually flaked out on doing these because they felt wanky.

Last round was in the middle of the company takeover, I was being tortured by my friends/business partners and the uncertainty of my future felt huge and overwhelming. I’d been sponsored on that round by some gorgeous 12wbt friends so made the effort to do a board. While always about my goals, it was mostly about surviving:

It was pretty, and I still like it. But it’s unfocused.

Who would have thought that just a few months on, having lost the company, two friendships, a job, and a dramatic shift in my financial and personal roles in our family that my board would be MORE focused instead of less.

This is the latest board:

inspiration board round three

It’s nice to feel as though I’m refining who I am. I know what’s important in my world. It’s not the company I own, or the job that I do. It’s the world I create with and for my family. And dedicating myself to being the best I can be within that is by far the most thrilling inspiration I’ve had in a long, long time.



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