What I’ve learned about binge eating.

I’ve learned that I don’t really do it anymore. At least, not the way I used to.

Previously, one of my ranting “stuff the universe, I’m fat anyway” binges could look a bit like this:


Sometimes better, sometimes worse.

This week, I’d had a big workout, the Captain was away working late and I was STARVING. That deep, annoyed but still not entirely physical hunger. I wanted to just eat and eat and eat.But my meals had been well planned and I didn’t have any ‘permitted’ calories left to spend on my 12wbt plan.

But eff it. I was hungry. Aaaaaargh!! I binged. And I felt bad and annoyed with myself. But then I stopped hating and took stock. My binge looked exactly like this:


Yep, identical to that. It was a wholegrain bread sandwich with lean meat and salad. And a MASSIVE bowl of airpopped popcorn completely free of butters, oils or anything other than a sprinkle of sea salt. The ridiculous binge that I was so annoyed about came to a whopping total of just under 450 calories.

In the top picture is a packet of mint slice biscuits. That’s 913 cals right there. Ouch.

So what I’m taking away from this is that I need to stop hating. I’m really getting this. And no doubt there is going to be days when I eat more than I plan, or things that aren’t in my plan – but it’s okay. That’s life. And these days I live it.


Sailor Vee

5 thoughts on “What I’ve learned about binge eating.

  1. You did so well! Sandwich and popcorn are not going to blow the budget, and my past binges used to look like your above photo too- its good to acknowledge and celebrate how far you have come

  2. What a post for me to read today! I just had a ‘binge’ day also because I was hungry. It consisted of 2 weet bix, some almond milk, half a banana and a 63 calorie icecream. I was beating myself up for going several hundred calories over my 12WBT plan, but this really puts it in perspective.

    • So glad to hear Patricia! It’s a weird thing and I think there is a lot of shame in the idea of bingeing. At the end of the day, it’s just eating and feeling that control over how we do it is an amazing win. Well done you 🙂

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