What’s SHE doing here?

So today I had a rare and awesome day off with the husband and kids.

Kid#1 is especially keen of visits to the swimming pool. Unfortunately, as I spent many of his formative years as a lycra-fearing chubster I have not let him visit the pool as much as he should. But now that I’m well on my way to fox-hood, he’s enrolled in swimming lessons and we thought a Sunday morning would be a great time to take the ‘la famile’ to the pool to practice his new skills and have some fun.

Except parked at the front of the pool is one of my ridiculously branded, previous company cars. One of the partners is at the pool. The cars are blatant and garish, but freakin’ handy for spotting people from a distance.


My darling husband quietly suggests we do our afternoon trip to the hardware store first. The carpark looks full.

I agree.

After the hardware store, we head back. The f*&^ing car is still there. Pig’s Arse, I say. Let’s do it.

We got in. The kids, the husband and I are all playing in the pool. I’m delighted in my boys beaming smiles, the near-genius level at which kid#1 can blow bubbles and open his eyes underwater and the fact my husband is hot-as-hell in swimming shorts that I barely notice the simpering grimace and terse nod from my former partner as she hauls her child from the pool as she spots us.

It’s a lightbulb moment. I really don’t give a fuck. My family ROCKS. And that’s worth more than anything and anyone else in the world. Swim on.

Sailor Vee.

What’s the 12WBT?

Signed up for my last round of Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation. It’s been an amazing success, a massive loss of weight and gain in fitness for me. I’m just giving it one last season to cement my training, set new goals & rock it out for at the party with the beautiful friends I’ve made. If anyone is keen for something that absolutely works – check it out!! We kick off again in 10 days 🙂

So far I’ve lost nearly 30kg. And changed my life. As everything got crappy at work, I was able to feel stronger because I AM STRONGER. Being fit is an amazing backbone for emotional wellbeing.

This well structured program addresses mindset, nutrition as well as training for whatever level you need.

It rocks. I don’t need to sell it because it totally sells itself. But if you want to ask me ANYTHING about the program, please do. And stayed tuned as I’ll be blogging my way through this round to show you the sparkling end result 🙂

It’s $20 a week for 12 weeks. And I almost bet if you aren’t the weight you want to be you’re already spending at least that amount on crappy foods, alcohol or some lame weight loss product when you could be changing your life.


What’s your uniform?

Even without a job, I have a uniform.

Due to a recent wardrobe meltdown (where I may or may not have thrown all of my clothes on the floor) I realised that I wear approximately 10% of my wardrobe. And I make it look good. But what am I supposed to do with the remaining 90%?

After some googling, it appears I have naturally created a ‘capsule wardrobe’ by which I take a small number of garments and mix-match from them exclusively. For this winter, it looks mostly like this:


There are of course a few explanations to make. Notably:

  • Yes. I do wear underwear. I just didn’t feel like sharing it with you 🙂
  • Numbers of items – I do have multiples of a couple of these such as my jeans and tights!
  • Pajamas
  • Gym gear and sneakers
  • Evening wear
  • I actually don’t have a day dress in the mix at the moment. I looked at the beginning of the season but didn’t love anything.
  • I do KNOW that the tan bag has no place in that group. But it’s a big solid Michael Kors that fits everything the children will demand of me without making me look like a pack mule. The Stam is also enormous, but nothing child related goes inside because of the suede lining.

So there is 28 pieces (including my jewelry which are non-negotiable items year-round). What’s yours? Show me on Polyvore – I’m such a snoop!

Big question – what’s the go for the upcoming Spring/Summer? As you can see, I’m not so big on colour but will happily hear suggestions?

What’s on my mind?

Does it give you the sh*ts when facebook asks ‘what’s on your mind’? I don’t know that it ever did before but tonight, when was was really on my mind was:

Sailor Vee is pissed at the world because the company she lost is about to win at an awards  dinner based on a nomination she wrote that took freaking hours in the days before she left – and she wasn’t invited.

But because my facebook is filled with my ex business partners, previous clients and the chatty inhabitants of the medieval village I dwell in, I instead posted about socks. Or laundry powder. Or something equally inane.

Why in this BS of a deal do I have to be the one who loses my identity and not say how I feel ever again? I guess the answer is that I don’t. I’m a free bird. I could post whatever I wanted all over the damn internet. But I haven’t. And probably won’t. Because at the end of the day, as mad/hurt/upset/angry/betrayed as I am – I was raised as a lady.

I don’t stoop.

I stand tall.

And I walk away.

What happens when you eat badly?

You gain weight.

Noooo! Today is my weekly weigh in day and the scales were unkind. Not brutal, but certainly unkind. To be fair, in the past week I’ve eaten badly, drank (drunk? drinken??) too much wine and not been to the gym or running enough. So essentially, I have no right to be mad at the scales and my kicking them was probably unwarranted. Note to self: apologise to said appliance lest it hold grudges.

So – new plan. In the following 7 days before the next time I face the dreaded scales I will commit to:

  • No wine (or any alcohol)
  • 8 glasses of water each day
  • No more than 2 coffees each day
  • Gym or run 5 times in the week
  • No take-away/eating out (even if it’s within the calorie limit)

There, that should do it. It’s annoying being SOO close to goal weight and having a crap week. Even more annoying I think than when I was super fat and I just got a bit fatter. I think that thought process is probably how I ended up super fat, but that’s a story for another time.

For now, the message has been received loud and clear. Thank you scales. And I’m sorry about the kicking.

Scales showing GO RUN as the weight

I’m a chubster. Got it.

Signing off,

Sailor Vee