What was I afraid of Mr Wolf?

Yesterday was amazing. We let #kid1 to skip school so that we could all take a snow day.

It blew my mind how different it was to last year’s snow day (yes, we do this every year!). Last year I was 31kg heavier. And sadder. Kid#2 was only a couple of months old and I was already feeling pressured and tense at work. I stayed in the car and watched the Captain (husband) and kid#1 play.

Not yesterday. I bush-walked up a snow covered hill (part of it carrying kid#2!), ran up and down hills to ride the toboggan and even had a go myself. I felt calm, and comfortable and in the moment with my family.

It was bliss.

On the drive home chatting with the Captain, we were talking about how much braver I’ve become this year. While part of it is undoubtedly surviving through the corporate takeover, but a lot of it is my new-found health and fitness. Strength gave me confidence when everything else threatened to strip it away.

So why was I terrified of doing Lean and Strong? Losing 31kg so far wasn’t scary. Losing more isn’t scary. But something really worried me.

So I asked my friend Cathy, who as well as being a weight-loss rockstar herself, is pretty good at seeing things as they are. Her thoughts were thus:

“Well…. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you 🙂 My guess is that before it’s been about losing weight and “fixing” your body and if you do the running ones you can say it’s because you want to run a half – But doing L&S is only about you, it’s just because you want it not because you need it. completely different mindset.”

Consider my mind blown. And it’s on. I will be lean and strong.

I did my first session today and while I get the sneaking suspicion I’ll be painfully aware of the lat pulldowns tomorrow, I loved it. There was nothing to be afraid of. I’m brave.

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