What’s App’ening? – RipDeck Lite

Hi All

So the 12wbt program kicks of properly tomorrow, but this morning I found myself on the family farm, having eaten an AMAZEBALLS Thai takeaway dinner the night before and (due to the travel) being down a workout down for the week.

Cue iPhone.

I found this app and thought I’d give it a go. It’s based on the deck of cards game I’ve seen my friend Nat running as a personal trainer and thought it might be worth a shot.

It’s free and you can find it here – http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ripdeck-lite/id413191840?mt=8

So, my workout of the day was a run up and down the farm driveway as quickly as I could  – that 1.2km right there. This is the country y’all 🙂

Then a round of RipDeck. It felt strangely easy at first and as though my cards hadn’t been shuffled. I got a lot of jumping jacks all in one row. But then the push-ups kicked in. Then the squats, the crunches and the push-ups. Oh, and the push-ups. ARGH.

I had it set on the easiest setting and would probably do this again for the next time I use the app, which I hope will be soon!

I like it. It’s like having a PT, without the cost, yelling, or embarrassment of public vomiting.

What other apps do people love? Totally looking to build an amazing collection of them for the lazy days or when kids#1 and #2 make the gym impossible.

EXCITED for my first ever 12wbt Lean and Strong weights training session tomorrow. Time to lay the groundwork for the gun show in November 🙂

I’m hoping my gym makes me happy like this!

Lego men lifting weights

Pump it lego man!

Sailor Vee

3 thoughts on “What’s App’ening? – RipDeck Lite

  1. Have you RipDecked lately? Gotten the paid version and update? Hope so!

    Love your blog post, especially, “I like it. It’s like having a PT, without the cost, yelling, or embarrassment of public vomiting”. So funny, because I have been there!

    The lego men pumping it is great too!

    If you would like to submit a custom RipDeck workout, we may feature it and your blog on our Inn-App News, Facebook and Twitter.

    Happy RipDecking!

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