What’s for dinner?

As I get geared up for round three of the 12wbt to start again on Monday, I’m making a last-ditch attempt to try as many of the popular recipes from this round as I can.

Everyone on Facebook and the forums says the spaghetti bolognaise is delicious and the servings are HUGE – good enough for me to try then!

This one comes with a few variations which seem mainly geared at placating the fussy eaters and consequently jacking up the calories. Honestly though, if you only want to eat what you’ve always eaten – doesn’t it make sense you’ll always weigh what you’ve always weighed? I give the program my dollars, I may as well take their advice.

So here it is – spaghetti bolognaise. Kinda. The sauce is a mix of grated and fine diced veggies with a generous amount of lentils. The variations I’ve sledged  um, mentioned are either using kangaroo mince or a combo of a TINY bit of beef mince and still some lentils.

Be brave. Give legumes a chance. Besides, farting is funny.


2 thoughts on “What’s for dinner?

  1. Its only funny if I have a gas mask as hubby’s morning ritual to play a trumpet with his backside already, I don’t know if I could take any more if it’s an extra serving of his loud continuous blast

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