What’s the 12WBT?

Signed up for my last round of Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation. It’s been an amazing success, a massive loss of weight and gain in fitness for me. I’m just giving it one last season to cement my training, set new goals & rock it out for at the party with the beautiful friends I’ve made. If anyone is keen for something that absolutely works – check it out!! We kick off again in 10 days 🙂

So far I’ve lost nearly 30kg. And changed my life. As everything got crappy at work, I was able to feel stronger because I AM STRONGER. Being fit is an amazing backbone for emotional wellbeing.

This well structured program addresses mindset, nutrition as well as training for whatever level you need.

It rocks. I don’t need to sell it because it totally sells itself. But if you want to ask me ANYTHING about the program, please do. And stayed tuned as I’ll be blogging my way through this round to show you the sparkling end result 🙂

It’s $20 a week for 12 weeks. And I almost bet if you aren’t the weight you want to be you’re already spending at least that amount on crappy foods, alcohol or some lame weight loss product when you could be changing your life.


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