What do you say?

I have a friend who is having trouble in their marriage.

And this friend exists. I don’t mean it in a ‘I have this friend who keeps a blog and is obsessed with all things Michelle Bridges and baby spinach’ way. This shit is sadly real.

I’d love to give them the advice they asked me for. Hell knows, my own marriage to the Captain has had it’s challenges and I’ve learned a lot.

I’ve had times where I wanted to leave and I know for sure that he did almost leave me. But somehow we’re still here. And stronger than ever.

But why?

My advice would sound simplistic and probably stupid to someone in the throes of real unhappiness. I guess it is simple, but after a decade, it still doesn’t feel stupid.

Commit to the journey.

More than anything else in the world, I am committed to my husband and my family. Unless the world ends (or something literally as life altering) I’m married.

He’s not the man I married. He’s that plus the experiences and growth of time. I’m most certainly not the woman he married. I’ve been challenged (and no doubt challenging!) have grown and am a better person because of it.

If we were playing the short game, it would have been over years ago.

My beautiful friend Jane gave me some amazing Christian advice while surviving the business ordeal. Life has seasons, and some are crappy. But seasons change. You just need to learn to weather the season you are in. I probably paraphrased that as I’m pretty sure the word ‘crappy’ isn’t in the bible though.

But even the gist of that idea is right for me, in my life and experiences.

But for every tidbit of advice that I’ve found useful over the years both personally and in business there are THOUSANDS that made me mad, made me hopeless or at least something other than hopeful.

So I haven’t offered advice to my friend. I’ve offered my shoulder and my time but I’m not sure that anyone outside a marriage can really offer advice to those inside it.

With the wind missing from my sails,

Sailor Vee

What’s a girl to wear?

Is it weird I bought my fun run outfit before I’ve posted in the entry forms to any of the fun runs? I decided on the tshirt and the little shorts. They look really sweet together and while I admit the shorts DO have an animal print, it’s tonal and not overbearing. They are as subtle as shorty-shorts get.
Looking forward to rocking these out shortly!

What was I afraid of Mr Wolf?

Yesterday was amazing. We let #kid1 to skip school so that we could all take a snow day.

It blew my mind how different it was to last year’s snow day (yes, we do this every year!). Last year I was 31kg heavier. And sadder. Kid#2 was only a couple of months old and I was already feeling pressured and tense at work. I stayed in the car and watched the Captain (husband) and kid#1 play.

Not yesterday. I bush-walked up a snow covered hill (part of it carrying kid#2!), ran up and down hills to ride the toboggan and even had a go myself. I felt calm, and comfortable and in the moment with my family.

It was bliss.

On the drive home chatting with the Captain, we were talking about how much braver I’ve become this year. While part of it is undoubtedly surviving through the corporate takeover, but a lot of it is my new-found health and fitness. Strength gave me confidence when everything else threatened to strip it away.

So why was I terrified of doing Lean and Strong? Losing 31kg so far wasn’t scary. Losing more isn’t scary. But something really worried me.

So I asked my friend Cathy, who as well as being a weight-loss rockstar herself, is pretty good at seeing things as they are. Her thoughts were thus:

“Well…. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you 🙂 My guess is that before it’s been about losing weight and “fixing” your body and if you do the running ones you can say it’s because you want to run a half – But doing L&S is only about you, it’s just because you want it not because you need it. completely different mindset.”

Consider my mind blown. And it’s on. I will be lean and strong.

I did my first session today and while I get the sneaking suspicion I’ll be painfully aware of the lat pulldowns tomorrow, I loved it. There was nothing to be afraid of. I’m brave.

What’s App’ening? – RipDeck Lite

Hi All

So the 12wbt program kicks of properly tomorrow, but this morning I found myself on the family farm, having eaten an AMAZEBALLS Thai takeaway dinner the night before and (due to the travel) being down a workout down for the week.

Cue iPhone.

I found this app and thought I’d give it a go. It’s based on the deck of cards game I’ve seen my friend Nat running as a personal trainer and thought it might be worth a shot.

It’s free and you can find it here – http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ripdeck-lite/id413191840?mt=8

So, my workout of the day was a run up and down the farm driveway as quickly as I could  – that 1.2km right there. This is the country y’all 🙂

Then a round of RipDeck. It felt strangely easy at first and as though my cards hadn’t been shuffled. I got a lot of jumping jacks all in one row. But then the push-ups kicked in. Then the squats, the crunches and the push-ups. Oh, and the push-ups. ARGH.

I had it set on the easiest setting and would probably do this again for the next time I use the app, which I hope will be soon!

I like it. It’s like having a PT, without the cost, yelling, or embarrassment of public vomiting.

What other apps do people love? Totally looking to build an amazing collection of them for the lazy days or when kids#1 and #2 make the gym impossible.

EXCITED for my first ever 12wbt Lean and Strong weights training session tomorrow. Time to lay the groundwork for the gun show in November 🙂

I’m hoping my gym makes me happy like this!

Lego men lifting weights

Pump it lego man!

Sailor Vee

What does your weekend look like?

Before the 12wbt, my weekends were pretty lame. I didn’t really go outdoors much. So I spent most of it in my house, watching tv and surfing the internet.

Today, we have a rock climb, a bush walk with the kids or a swimming pool outing on the cards.

As far as food, as odd as it seems (considering how bad my diet was at all times) weekends were a free pass. Slices and slices of toast, fatty bacon and eggs when I could be bothered and just junky meals or takeaway.

This morning, I really did feel like eggs. Actually an egg and bacon roll. So I had it. For 300 calories.

My weekends now are about my choices.

Old weekends looked a bit like this:


New weekends look like this:

It’s a choice. What are you choosing this weekend?

Sailor Vee

What made your day awesome?

I loved today. It was awesome in it’s simplicity. Essentially my life is always pretty darn good and the below things tipped it over into awesomosity;

1) New kicks. Loving the new Nike Free TR
2) Double serve of eggs today! Scrambled on Vegemite toast post workout then my awesome curried egg and baby spinach on herb naan bread for lunch. Yum
3) New kettlebell. Need more exercises but the ones I do know are mega fun
4) Kid#2. He just rocks. Always and forever.

Good day. Good life.

Sailor Vee


What’s for dinner?

As I get geared up for round three of the 12wbt to start again on Monday, I’m making a last-ditch attempt to try as many of the popular recipes from this round as I can.

Everyone on Facebook and the forums says the spaghetti bolognaise is delicious and the servings are HUGE – good enough for me to try then!

This one comes with a few variations which seem mainly geared at placating the fussy eaters and consequently jacking up the calories. Honestly though, if you only want to eat what you’ve always eaten – doesn’t it make sense you’ll always weigh what you’ve always weighed? I give the program my dollars, I may as well take their advice.

So here it is – spaghetti bolognaise. Kinda. The sauce is a mix of grated and fine diced veggies with a generous amount of lentils. The variations I’ve sledged  um, mentioned are either using kangaroo mince or a combo of a TINY bit of beef mince and still some lentils.

Be brave. Give legumes a chance. Besides, farting is funny.


What’s SHE doing here?

So today I had a rare and awesome day off with the husband and kids.

Kid#1 is especially keen of visits to the swimming pool. Unfortunately, as I spent many of his formative years as a lycra-fearing chubster I have not let him visit the pool as much as he should. But now that I’m well on my way to fox-hood, he’s enrolled in swimming lessons and we thought a Sunday morning would be a great time to take the ‘la famile’ to the pool to practice his new skills and have some fun.

Except parked at the front of the pool is one of my ridiculously branded, previous company cars. One of the partners is at the pool. The cars are blatant and garish, but freakin’ handy for spotting people from a distance.


My darling husband quietly suggests we do our afternoon trip to the hardware store first. The carpark looks full.

I agree.

After the hardware store, we head back. The f*&^ing car is still there. Pig’s Arse, I say. Let’s do it.

We got in. The kids, the husband and I are all playing in the pool. I’m delighted in my boys beaming smiles, the near-genius level at which kid#1 can blow bubbles and open his eyes underwater and the fact my husband is hot-as-hell in swimming shorts that I barely notice the simpering grimace and terse nod from my former partner as she hauls her child from the pool as she spots us.

It’s a lightbulb moment. I really don’t give a fuck. My family ROCKS. And that’s worth more than anything and anyone else in the world. Swim on.

Sailor Vee.

What’s the 12WBT?

Signed up for my last round of Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation. It’s been an amazing success, a massive loss of weight and gain in fitness for me. I’m just giving it one last season to cement my training, set new goals & rock it out for at the party with the beautiful friends I’ve made. If anyone is keen for something that absolutely works – check it out!! We kick off again in 10 days 🙂

So far I’ve lost nearly 30kg. And changed my life. As everything got crappy at work, I was able to feel stronger because I AM STRONGER. Being fit is an amazing backbone for emotional wellbeing.

This well structured program addresses mindset, nutrition as well as training for whatever level you need.

It rocks. I don’t need to sell it because it totally sells itself. But if you want to ask me ANYTHING about the program, please do. And stayed tuned as I’ll be blogging my way through this round to show you the sparkling end result 🙂

It’s $20 a week for 12 weeks. And I almost bet if you aren’t the weight you want to be you’re already spending at least that amount on crappy foods, alcohol or some lame weight loss product when you could be changing your life.


What’s your uniform?

Even without a job, I have a uniform.

Due to a recent wardrobe meltdown (where I may or may not have thrown all of my clothes on the floor) I realised that I wear approximately 10% of my wardrobe. And I make it look good. But what am I supposed to do with the remaining 90%?

After some googling, it appears I have naturally created a ‘capsule wardrobe’ by which I take a small number of garments and mix-match from them exclusively. For this winter, it looks mostly like this:


There are of course a few explanations to make. Notably:

  • Yes. I do wear underwear. I just didn’t feel like sharing it with you 🙂
  • Numbers of items – I do have multiples of a couple of these such as my jeans and tights!
  • Pajamas
  • Gym gear and sneakers
  • Evening wear
  • I actually don’t have a day dress in the mix at the moment. I looked at the beginning of the season but didn’t love anything.
  • I do KNOW that the tan bag has no place in that group. But it’s a big solid Michael Kors that fits everything the children will demand of me without making me look like a pack mule. The Stam is also enormous, but nothing child related goes inside because of the suede lining.

So there is 28 pieces (including my jewelry which are non-negotiable items year-round). What’s yours? Show me on Polyvore – I’m such a snoop!

Big question – what’s the go for the upcoming Spring/Summer? As you can see, I’m not so big on colour but will happily hear suggestions?