So it been a month.

Okay, it’s now been a month since I lost (technically sold, but it feels like lost) my company.

I’m a little disappointed in my progress so far, but really did need a break from the agonising stress it was being essentially evicted from my company. I think this time is also known as wallowing.

Enough now.

I have things I want to achieve and I need to work towards them. This from now on will have to include scheduling my time as though I’m at work, because now being at home IS MY WORK.

Would love to hear from any work at home mamas about whether they have set times for when they work and how they do that with the little people about.

I’m going to make this work.

I’m 30, very smart, almost debt free and endlessly charming – or so I chant to myself regularly.

Sailor Vee

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