So I’m not the Boss?


Awkward moment for the week?

When you find yourself in a meeting where you would usually be the boss, but you aren’t the boss. You are the client and the sweet girl you trained as your assistant is the boss. Yikes.

It was always going to be tricky meeting, with the ‘boss’ needing knowledge, people handling skills and a generous serving of chutzpah ( She’s great, and will be GREAT at her job. But she isn’t me, and I wanted it handled like I would do it.

So I was the boss again. For just a moment. I didn’t do anything that undermined her. We were meeting with a third party who had shown signs of being difficult ongoing so I just politely and without angst, made our point clear and with a smile and in unspoken words made it clear we were not to be f*cked with.

But the true awkwardness for me was later meeting a business man who would be involved and discussing my matters in the future. I needed him to give me a card so that I could stay in touch. I reached for my own cards and then realised:

a) No cards

b) No company


I’m not unemployed. Really I’m not. I just got booted out of one company and haven’t quite got the new and entirely unrelated one rocking yet. It all seems like too much back story to give someone just to give them my number. I think I’ll get calling cards made up for the interim (or for people I don’t like well enough to discuss the new business with).

Something like these:


Does anyone else have personal calling cards or non-business cards? And no, none of the people on the cards above are the real Sailor Vee, so no stalking 🙂

Farewell me hearties,

Sailor Vee

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